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Every year, the Filipino American Foundation of New Mexico (FAFNM) offers scholarship funds to Filipino American students who are FAFNM members and are going to accredited university or community college in New Mexico only.  It is also our way to thank our youth who give back to the Filipino community by performing, attending, and/or volunteering in FAFNM activities.  Check EVENTS page to see what activities you can participate and volunteer.  Busy months:  May (Santacruzan), June (Independence Day/Membership Drive), July or August (Pista sa Nayon, a fund raising project every other year), and December (Christmas party, Caroling, Consular Outreach, if any).  (See more information at the bottom.)


  • To qualify, you must be an active/paid member of FAFNM for at least ONE year.  If you are 18 years and older, you must pay and/or RENEW your INDIVIDUAL membership ANNUALLY ($10).  If you are younger than 18, your family must be active/paid members of FAFNM (family membership: $15).  You can apply for an INDIVIDUAL membership before reaching 18 if your family is not a member.  Keep your receipt and always renew your membership when it expires.
  • To apply or renew annual membership, download the FAFNM Membership Form and mail your form with your check/money order to the address on the form (FAFNM, P. O. Box 94146, Albuquerque, NM 87199-4146).  (Please email the current secretary, Maricar Castro, so that she will know that there are forms in the P O Box.  If you have not been sent your membership receipt in a month or two, please inform the Scholarship Committee Chair, Gloria Kauz.)
  • You can also apply personally for membership during the annual membership drive that is held in June during the FAFNM Independence Day Celebration picnic/potluck. This is what we recommend – for you to attend and sign up/renew.  Visit EVENTS for schedule.

Two Scholarships Available:

  • UNM (General Scholarship) – Main Campus (but must inform FAFNM if you intend to apply) (Deadline:  Feb. 1. Read below before applying.) PLEASE CONTACT PEARL FIRST BEFORE SENDING YOUR INTENTION TO APPLY: [email protected] 
  • FAFNM Cultural Heritage and Scholarship Award (July 15)

NOTE:  You can apply to both if you qualify.  Both require you to be an active/paid member (annually).


  • UNM scholarship  is available only to UNDERGRADUATE and FULL TIME (12 units/semester) students at the UNM MAIN campus only.  It is NOT available to incoming freshmen.  You have to inform FAFNM Scholarship Committee of your interest in applying for UNM scholarship so that you can be included in the list of recommended applicants by FAFNM.  The deadline to email us is Feb. 1.  Although FAFNM Scholarship submits list to UNM, FAFNM has NO INPUT on the application process and decision including frequency of scholarship (whether it is given only once for school year or for both semesters).  Their application process is described below. The fund will be applicable for the incoming school year.  More information on UNM Application and Processes below (Under Application & Processes: UNM).
  • FAFNM Scholarship is available to students at UNM, CNM, NM Highland University and other accredited universities/community colleges in New Mexico only.  It is open to undergraduates currently enrolled (with minimum of 9 units/semester) or graduate, associates, vocational courses, and licenses (minimum of 6 units/semester).  If you are an incoming freshman,  you have to submit a copy of the acceptance letter from the college/university. (Be sure to apply for membership while you are still in High School.) The FAFNM Scholarship Committee uses the “point system” in determining the amount –  GPA, ACTIVE participation in the FAFNM activities and essay, among others (see form).  There is NO age requirement and fund is given only ONCE a year.  Due to the corona virus outbreak this year, 2020, the application form (below) must be EMAILED (instead of mailed) to [email protected]. with the complete requirements (transcript, acceptance letter, essay, etc) before: July 15.  The FAFNM Scholarship Committee reviews the application.  Upon approval, the checks are usually issued to individual students within a month or two.  More information below.

Application and Processes:

  • University of New Mexico

    • Our scholarship is listed under the UNM General Scholarship under “Filipino American Scholarships” (around the 14th scholarship listed on that page).   The applicant
      • Must be an active/paid member of FAFNM
      • Must be full time student (12 units/semester)
      • Must have competitive cumulative UNM GPA

February 1 (deadline for applicants to inform FAFNM):  You must email the FAFNM Scholarship Committee about your interest in applying for this UNM scholarship.  (NOTE:  This is not the actual UNM application.  It is only a prerequisite from FAFNM.)

Download (RTF or Rich Text Format): Form Interest in Applying for UNM Scholarship and email to: [email protected]:

(NOTE: We had problems downloading Word for this form that is why we use the RTF.) You can also use a PDF form, scan it and email: Form Interest in Applying for UNM Scholarship.

Be sure to put: SCHOLARSHIP on the subject of the email so that she will not think it is a spam mail.  The FAFNM Scholarship Committee will review the information and finalize the list of eligible applicants to UNM.  

April 1 (Deadline for FAFNM Committee, NOT students):  FAFNM Scholarship Committee submits the list of eligible students to UNM Foundation who forwards the list to the UNM Scholarship.

The Process:  The Scholarship Selection Committee at UNM then reviews the list to select recipients based upon requirements and information of applicants (from UNM files).  If you are selected, they notify you by email of the pending offer for a scholarship.  The terms of the scholarship are detailed in this email.  Then you respond online and go to LOBOWEB to accept the scholarship.

The UNM Foundation will then email (or mail) the list of students who were awarded to the FAFNM Scholarship Committee.


  • FAFNM Cultural Heritage/Scholarship Award

    • Requirements (These requirements can also be found in the FAFNM Scholarship application form):
      • Active/Paid Member of FAFNM
      • Latest transcript (NOT diploma) (NOTE:  Please send PDF or printed transcript.  Do not forward emails from your school since this requires password and would take too much time for reviewers.)
      • Minimum credit hours/semester:  9 – for undergraduate, 6 – for professional certificates, vocational courses or graduate studies.
      • An Essay (not more than 350 words)
      • For incoming freshmen only: a copy of the ACCEPTANCE letter from the university/college (See “Note to Incoming Freshman” below.)
      • Completed application

Deadline to submit application and supporting documents:  July 15. TO BE EMAILED ONLY to [email protected].  (This year, 2022, applications are EMAILED, not MAILED due to the corona virus outbreak. 

    • The amount (approximately $300 to $500/year in the past) will depend upon the funds available, the points garnered (GPA, participation, essay among others), and the number of applicants.
    • NOTE TO INCOMING FRESHMAN: If you decide NOT to enroll after being accepted, you should inform the FAFNM Scholarship Committee to withdraw your application.  You can reapply at the next deadline when you have enrolled.

About the FAFNM Scholarship Funds:

FAFNM is one of the few ethnic organizations in Albuquerque, New Mexico that offers scholarships to members.  We believe in the importance of education.  As such, we want to support Filipino American students who want to pursue higher education after high school (including vocational courses).

The Scholarship Fund has been a collective effort of several generations of committed members who have been raising funds since 2002. The funds are invested through foundations and the interests accrued are the funds used for distribution.  The funds vary from year to year depending upon the funds raised, points garnered, and the number of applicants.

We have fund raising projects every other year such as Pista sa Nayon for the FAFNM.  In the past, we also had the annual caroling that raised funds exclusively for scholarship.

We want to thank all the donors, volunteers and supporters who have continuously helped us in raising funds all these years.

For inquiries, contact [email protected].  

(This website was updated on April 11, 2020.)

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