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FAFNM Scholarship

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College Scholarship /Award

Every year, the Filipino American Foundation of New Mexico (FAFNM) gives college (including licenses, vocational courses or associates degree) scholarship funds to deserving active (PAID) and participating members. He/she must give back to the Filipino community by participating in FAFNM and other Filipino activities such as joining any of the performing groups, caroling or Choral Group or volunteering at the Santacruzan, Pista sa Nayon, Simbang Gabi and other activities such as Filipino American History Month. The scholarship is open to qualified students at UNM, CNM, NM Highland Univ. and other universities/community colleges in New Mexico only.

*If you are 18 years and older, you must pay and/or RENEW your INDIVIDUAL membership annually to qualify that year.  If you are younger, your family must be active and participating members of FAFNM.  You can also be an INDIVIDUAL member.  For information on dues and membership form, download the FAFNM Membership Form.  (NOTE:  Membership drive is held in June during the FAFNM Independence Day Celebration picnic/potluck but you can apply for membership through mail.  Visit EVENTS for schedule.)

The FAFNM provides scholarship/awards funds through UNM and FAFNM:

  • University of New Mexico

    • You must be an active (paid) member of FAFNM to qualify for this particular scholarship.  You don’t have to be a member within 12 months prior to application. (Keep FAFNM receipt of your membership due.  This might be required for your application with UNM.)
    • Click on UNM General Scholarship.  This has the link to the electronic application and other key information.
    • The Filipino American Scholarship is listed among several small scholarships (SEE around 14 down the list).
    • The requirement indicates membership of FAANM on this website which refers to the Filipino American Association of NM.  This was the old name of FAFNM.
    • This fund is only given ONCE a year.
    • FAFNM has no input in deciding who gets the UNM scholarship funds.
  • FAFNM: Cultural Heritage/Scholarship Award

    • Effective August 2017, the scholarship funds will be given only ONCE a year, during the FALL (Maximum of 4 school years). Deadline:  July 15. (TO BE MAILED ONLY to FAFNM, P. O. Box 94146, Albuquerque, NM 87199-4146).
    • Applicants can be from UNM, CNM, NM Highland Univ. and/or other universities/community colleges in New Mexico ONLY.
    • The amount (approximately $300 to $500) will depend upon the funds available (from fund raising projects like the caroling and other sources), the points garnered, and the number of applicants.
    • INCOMING FRESHMAN must submit acceptance letter from the college/university. If the applicant decides NOT to attend during that school year after being accepted, he/she should inform the Scholarship Committee.  If FAFNM Scholarship fund has been issued, he/she should return the check to FAFNM and can reapply at the next deadline when applicant has attended classes.
    • For other requirements and form, download the updated application form available in two versions: FAFNM-Scholarship (PDF) FAFNM-Scholarship-updated 2018 or in WORD FAFNM-Scholarship-updated 2018.
    • For questions, contact Scholarship Committee chairperson, Pearl King perlagking@cableone.net. Please put subject on the email: FAFNM Scholarship.


  • No age discrimination
  • You may apply for both UNM and FAFNM scholarships.

(Updated August 2018)

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