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FAFNM Scholarship

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FAFNM Scholarship

Every year FAFNM gives college scholarship funds to deserving active and participating members of FAFNM.  The applicant must be a paid member of FAFNM* and must give back to the Filipino community by volunteering and/or participating in FAFNM and other Filipino activities such as joining any of the performing groups (Ethan Sabay Philippine Folkloric Group or Filipino Performing Arts Group), volunteering at the Santacruzan, Pista sa Nayon and other Events. The scholarship is open to qualified students at UNM and other universities/community colleges in NM and other states.

*If you are 18 years and older, you must pay and/or renew your INDIVIDUAL membership annually to qualify every semester.  If you are younger, your family must be active and participating members of FAFNM.  For information and membership form, visit FAFNM.


College Scholarship (updated 2015):

Procedure for UNM/FAFNM scholarship (per Ms. Judith Davenport, person-in-charge at UNM scholarship office):

  1. The student must submit FAFSA or financial assistance form to the UNM Financial/Scholarship office.
  2. UNM students/applicants must also download scholarship application form (see below) and mail to FAFNM post office by MAY 15 of that year.  (This way if UNM does not approve application, the applicant will have another chance of getting it from FAFNM but applicant cannot get from both.)
  3. FAFNM Scholarship committee will screen applicants and will provide Ms. Davenport with a list of qualified students/members after which UNM could award the scholarship.

DOWNLOAD: FAFNM Scholarship form2015 and mail to FAFNM, P O Box 94146, Albuquerque, NM 87199.

Deadline in submitting to FAFNM Scholarship Committee:

  • Spring:  January 31
  • Fall:  July 15

Also, please follow up if you don’t receive acknowledgement of your form.  For questions, you can reach any of the following members of the Scholarship Committee:  Pearl King (perlagking@cableone.net) or Emilie Underwood (crisunderwood@hotmail.com).

NOTE:  Please note that the amount of funds you will receive (if approved) from FAFNM will depend upon several factors: the number of applicants, the money available and funds raised, and the points you’ll receive in the application.

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