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Filipino American Foundation of New Mexico (FAFNM)

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

P. O. Box 94146

                                    Albuquerque, NM 87199-4146

                                     email:  fafnewmexico@gmail.com


FAFNM’s mission is to promote the recognition and maintenance of the distinctive values and historical heritage of Filipinos while striving to enhance the well being of Filipinos through education, health and economic services. In furtherance of this mission, FAFNM shall:

  • •promote an understanding and appreciation of Filipino culture through the development of appropriate educational materials, maintaining a bureau of cultural speakers and performers and advocating and supporting a program of Filipino studies in the community; and
  • facilitate the promotion of the general well being of Filipinos in New Mexico.

It was founded in 1975 as Filipino American Association of New Mexico and in 2001, it was renamed to Filipino American Foundation of New Mexico.  Among the many founders were Cris and Emilie Underwood and Consuelo (Chito) and her late husband, Eugene Zafra.

Past activities of FAFNM, FANHS RG and FACC are posted on:

  • 2018 in Review
  • And previous years:  2015 to 2017 (“YEAR in Review”)

2019 Officers and Board of Directors (11)

  • LtCol. Gloria Kauz – President
  • Bonnie Rogers – Vice President
  • Maricar Castro – Secretary
  • Gwynneth Carla – Treasurer

Other Board Members:

  • Eva Cabiltes
  • Mayenne Farmer
  • Patrick Hepburn
  • Mark Kaminiski
  • Pearl King
  • Armeli Quezon
  • Corazon Kennedy


A person, family, or organization that supports the mission and pays membership dues may be a member of FAFNM. Members shall be admitted without regard to race, ethnic origin, age, religion, sex, disability, political beliefs, sexual reference or profession.

  • Annual Membership Dues:
    • $10 INDIVIDUAL (18 years +) (NOTE:  Students applying for scholarship MUST update their membership to qualify for scholarship.  See FAFNM Scholarship.)
    • $15 FAMILY (includes spouse/partner and children younger than 18)
  • Century:   $200

Membership cycle: from July 1, current year to June 30 of the following year.  Please renew your membership at our annual picnic/potluck in June (check events) when we have the membership drive. Your membership fee is vital to the continued success of our organization.

If you can’t attend, please renew or join by downloading form below:


 Benefits of Members:

  • Connecting with Filipino Americans in many events and activities.
  • • Learning culture, history, and heritage through the various activities.
  • • •Availing of college scholarship.
  • • Providing support to the Filipino American community.
  • Availing of referrals to social services

Members’ Meetings

Members meet three times a year in Albuquerque:  picnic in June, meeting at the election (a week before Christmas Party) and Christmas party.  Members of committees meet separately, as needed.

To view past events sponsored by FAFNM, click:



  • College Scholarship: Every year FAFNM gives college scholarship funds to deserving active and participating members. The amount depends upon the funds raised for that year and the number of students who qualify.  See FAFNM Scholarship.  NOTE:  The Caroling Group raises funds for scholarship every year.
FAFNM Picnic 2015

FAFNM Picnic 2015

 Special Events  (Visit:  Events)

  • Santacruzan (annual, third Saturday in May), San Felipe de Neri, Old Town Plaza.  (Santacruzan was introduced by Chito and her late husband, Eugene Zafra in 1977.)
  • Picnic for Bataan Veterans (April),Bataan Park.
  • Picnic: Membership Drive (also Independence Day/Dr. Jose Rizal Day) – (June at the Bataan Park).
  • Simbang Gabi (usually Thursdays in December) with a Filipino priest (Fr. Joel Bugas) at the Sangre de Cristo Catholic Church.  For previous events, visit: Simbang Gabi.
  • Christmas Party.


The Outreach Committee provides various support to the Filipino American community.

  • Veterans Affair: Starting in 2018, FAFNM sponsors picnic in honor of the Bataan Veterans and members of the military (retired/active duty) at the Bataan Park.  (The first picnic was held on April 14, 2018.)
  • • Consular:  FAFNM hosts the Philippine Consulate staff of Los Angeles that comes to Albuquerque to do Consular outreach such as passport renewal, dual citizenship application, and other immigration issues. For Filipinos in NM and surrounding states such as Colorado, Arizona and Texas, this saves them an expensive trip to Los Angeles.  Please check back this page in November if there will be a Consular Outreach on Dec. 8, 2018.  We usually hold them on the same day as the FAFNM Christmas party.
Pista sa Nayon 2015

Pista sa Nayon 2015

Carolers & Philippine Consul Staff with Consul Ramirez (bottom, left) and host Pearl King (2015)

Carolers & Philippine Consul Staff with Consul Mary Jo Ramirez (bottom, left) and host Pearl King (2015)


  • Fund Raising:
    • Pista sa Nayon (to be held every other year) for FAFNM activities including scholarship funds.
    • Caroling (for scholarship funds)
  • Grants: Coordinating with Filipino American Community Council (FACC).

Other Committees

  • Nomination/Election: Nominations for BOD (October) and Election of Officers (December)
  • Membership: Membership drive (June)

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