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Cultural Dance Group


NOTE:  The FAFNM Cultural Dance Group was dissolved in February 2017 to give performing groups more autonomy.  For performances you can contact any of the group:

The Filipino American Foundation of New Mexico (FAFNM) Cultural Dance Group was in existence for more than two decades.  The Cultural Dance Group has been the ambassador of goodwill and the showcase of our Filipino community in many City of Albuquerque events and Asian cultural events.   In most of the FAFNM fundraising projects, the group provided the cultural shows that helped draw people to the events.  We want to thank all the coordinators in the past: Cora Romillo, Ligaya White, Armeli Quezon, Vilma Lopez, and Maricar Castro/Vanessa Alter, the choreographers: Ligaya & Bianca White, Evelio Sabay, Maricar Castro, Tessie Greenfield (who was also kulintang instructor) and all our dancers.  Especial thanks to Dr. Dely Alcantara and Dr. Ted Jojola for getting grants in the past for the group.  Some are still performing in either of the two groups. The others have moved on.  Thank you all.

We are retaining this page until January 2018.

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