Upcoming Events in 2020

To view events for last year that passed, visit: 2019 in Review. Due to Covid19 pandemic, no activities have been scheduled this year. Stay safe.

To view events that transpired this year, visit: 2020 in Review.

The Census usually sends letter to residents that gives the code to enter in the ONLINE Survey. If you have not received yours or if you need help, contact NM Asian Family Center that is working hand in hand with the Census. It is imperative that we ALL participate so that we, Filipinos, are counted and NOT forgotten. This is done only every ten years. It will take only 10 minutes of your time to fill up the form so please participate. Thank you.

Relevant links are mentioned below. Here’s the email we got from NM Asian Family Center (March 23, 2020):

The recent Coronavirus situation led us to follow strict protocols to practice social distancing to keep everyone safe and healthy. We encourage you to take the 2020 census as soon as possible online or by the phone from the safety and comfort of your space. Don’t wait for a Census worker to knock on your door. Being counted ensures our community’s fair share of resources and fair representation!

If you need help, please contact us at or at  or 505.717.2877.

Video on the importance of 2020 Census – Tagalog:

Below, you can find a direct link to take the 2020 Census online in your language or by phone.