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Cultural Dance Groups


Effective February 2017, the FAFNM Cultural Group has been dissolved to give performers more autonomy.  There are independent groups (that used to dance for the FAFNM) now:

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We are retaining the information below to give credit to all performers of the Cultural Group.

The Filipino American Foundation of New Mexico (FAFNM) Cultural Dance Group was in existence for more than three  decades.  The Cultural Dance Group has been the ambassador of goodwill and the showcase of our Filipino community in many City of Albuquerque events and Asian cultural events.   In most of the FAFNM fundraising projects, the group provided the cultural shows that helped draw people to the events.

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In Maria Clara costumes

In Maria Clara costumes











Some of our dancers are with the other organizations such as Asian American Association of New Mexico, Federal Asian Pacific American Council New Mexico Chapter, Diversity Groups at the New Mexico Veterans Administration Health Care System and Filipino American National Historical Society, Rio  Grande Chapter.  Others have worked in projects for the New Mexico Asian Family Center and participated in events sponsored by the the City of Albuquerque Cultural Services.   Because of these affiliations, the group has supported other Asian communities in their cultural and fundraising events (for calamity or tsunami victims).

Aside from encouraging Filipino identity, the group fostered camaraderie and self-confidence among dancers.  Most of our new members are young – our future – and the next generation who will carry our legacy.  Visit:  YP and Youth Page and Scholarship.

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Our Youth and Young Adults


The YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS COMMITTEE HAS BEEN DISSOLVED IN 2017.  What are our youth doing now?  Joining dance groups:  Ethan Sabay Philippine Folkloric Dance Group and Filipino Performing Arts Group.

The following photos and information have been kept for historical purposes.

This recurring post is devoted to children, teens and young adults from the Filipino American community in New Mexico.  If you have news, events or achievements you want us to include, please email:

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What’s up?


  • The Filipino American Foundation of New Mexico (FAFNMYoung Professional and Youth Committee (YP & YC) (see photos above) elected its officers (2015).  Some of the members helped and/or participated in Santacruzan, Pista sa Nayon, Membership Picnic at the Bataan Park and many fund raising projects.   Others participated in sports.
  • If you are a student at UNM, check out the Filipino Student Organization at UNM (photos below):



  • 2016:  Princeton Earl King graduated summa cum laude from UNM on May 14, 2016, with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Management.  He is the son of Pearl King, FANHS RG President, who also graduated summa cum laude in Dec. 2015 with a Nursing Degree.  Like mother, like son!
  • Ace Leonen graduated cum laude from UNM in May 2106 with a degree in Biology.  He is the treasurer of the FAFNM Young Professional and Youth Committee.  He is the son of Dale Leonen, brother to Lyle and Ashley and grandson of Vicky Adaoag.
  • 2015:  Carlo James Aragon graduated magna cum laude at UNM, Bachelor of Arts with double majors in Political Science and Foreign Languages.  He is the son of Cindy & Cel Aragon. *
  • 2014:  Ardee Napolitano graduated summa cum laude, from UNM with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Communication Arts) and French.  He is the son of Domingo and Ruella Napolitano.

Awards & Certificates of Achievement:

  • Manoa Youth:  Bianca White received the Award. Angel and Gabi Velez received the Manoa Youth certificates of achievement in September at the Pamana Awards Night.**
  • Pamana:  Francis and Sharmaine Ong, received the Pamana Award (community service – humanitarian aid) with their parents, Welliver and Marigene, for their community services in the Philippines and Albuquerque.**
  • Asian Youth:  Bianca White received the Outstanding Asian Youth Award.*

Achievement/Representation (2014-2015):

  • Crista Harner represented New Mexico at the Miss Philippines USA in Los Angeles (July 2015).*
  • Miracle McCastle performed her Kulintang Recital at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Rio Rancho (March 2015).*
  • Jami Abdullah raised funds for FAFNM, single-handedly, and walked during the Bataan March at the White Sands Missile Range (March 2014).
  • Espanola Volleyball team (see photo under “group”) won at the FAFNM picnic 2014, against the Albuquerque team.  Thanks to Jaishel Bullock for organizing it.

Death (2013):

 Ethan Fraser Sabay


How can you participate and give back to the community?

  • Know more about the Filipinos here in NM: Filipinos in New Mexico and the different organizations.
  • Post our events in your Facebook and other social media.
  • Join FANHS RG and come to the FANHS National conference in New York.  See how you can help in Oral History projects.
  • Visit this website to check out events.  Bring your friends and family to our EVENTS.
  • To scholarship applicants, maintain high academic standards and volunteer in your school, church, and/or places that are your fields of interests (like the animal shelter, Big Brother/Big Sister).
  • Most of all, make fellow Filipinos welcome all the time by greeting them not just in the Fil-Am activities but also when you see them elsewhere.


* See:  2015 in Review for photos and information.

** See:  Pamana Awards.