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2018 Pista sa Nayon

Pista sa Nayon (festival of nation) is a biennial project of the Filipino American Foundation of New Mexico (FAFNM) to raise funds to support activities for the Filipino community including college scholarship funds.  Please visit FAFNM for activities. The event is a Beauty Pageant Coronation Night, dinner and entertainment.  (NOTE:  Click photo for bigger image.)

Sept. 22, 2018, Saturday, 6:00 pm

Inn at Rio Rancho

1465 Rio Rancho Bld.  SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Tel. 505-892-1700

Ticket prices:

Tickets:  $38 per person (11 yrs old and older), $15 per child (3-10 yrs old),

Free per child (under 3 years old). For tickets, contact Gloria 505-629-9474.

To place an ad or greeting in the souvenir program, contact Pearl King at perlagking@cableone.netor Lina Rollins at  Click: Ad contract 2018 Pista sa Nayon

How can you help?

  • Be a candidate (Deadline to be announced.)
  • Advertise or Post a greeting (ex. “Congratulations to XX”) (We will be posting our AD contract here by May.)
  • Help sell tickets (Tickets will be available at the Santacruzan, May 19, event.)

Rules for the Candidate

  • Must be a paid FAFNM member
  • Must be at least 16 years of age.  (If you are younger than 18, a parental/guardian consent is required.)
  • Must be active in fundraising activities for THIS event such as
    • selling tickets/ballots
    • soliciting sponsors and ads

Compensation for Candidates

The candidate who can sell the tickets/ballots and solicit the most advertisements will win first place and receive a percentage of the total amount raised as indicated below:

  • First place (Reyna ng Pista sa Nayon) = 25%
  • Second place (Reyna ng Luzon) = 20%
  • Third place (Reyna ng Visayas) = 15%
  • Fourth place (Reyna ng Mindanao) = 10%
  • Fifth place = 10%

For inquiry, contact FAFNM president, Lt Col. Gloria Kauz at 505-629-9474,